Is Retrofit Double Glazing Worth It?

Double glazing is one of the most efficient ways to improve the retention of heat in your home. You will spend less on heating, and therefore save you on energy costs in the long run. You also get the additional benefit of a dry healthy home which will promote a healthy lifestyle. The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, says condensation contributes to mould growth and makes houses feel colder and more difficult to heat. According to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation there is also a strong link between exposure to mould growth and the instances of asthma.


What Is Retrofit Double Glazing?

Retrofit double glazing is the replacement of single windows with double glazed windows using the patented Thermawood timber retrofit system using your original timber frames.

Why Should I Choose Thermawood?
Thermawood is the only retrofit system that does not use wet sealants around the window frames to seal the double glaze units into the frame. Over time these sealants break down in the harsh New Zealand UV & sunlight compromising both the window frame’s integrity and exposing it to rot.

How does double glazing work?
A double-glazed window uses two panes of glass, sandwiched together by a thermal spacer. The air gap inside the sealed glass is filled with air or an insulating gas such as argon. This air gap prevents the heat inside from escaping or cold air from the outside coming into the home.

Do I Need Council Consent?
No, we are replacing a window in the frame, we are not making any structural changes to the frame or the outer cladding of your house therefore it does not require a council consent.
Is it cheaper to change my timber frames to aluminium?
No, changing your timber frames to aluminium window frames will cost more than retrofitting with Thermawood. Modifications must be made by a qualified builder to accommodate the new aluminium frames as new seals around the frames and junction points in the cladding will need to be added to make the cladding weathertight around the windows. This may also need a council consent. Ask your License Building Practitioner for advice in this regard.

How do we deal with rotten windows?
As a first and preferred option the window should be replaced as it is always difficult to ascertain the true damage and extent of the rot. In most instances the rot will compromise the strength and integrity of the window frame and over time may compromise your safety when opening and closing the windows as the glass may fall out and injure you or a family member.