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Welcome to Thermawood Auckland

We are all about comfort, your comfort.

Our goal is to turn your home into a dry, well insulated healthy home by improving the biggest cause of heat loss, your windows!!!

Thermawood is the most advanced double glazing system for existing timber windows. We retain the heritage look of your home while utilising the great insulating properties of timber joinery to create a warm and healthy home.

How do Thermawood's retrofit double glazed windows work?

You lose up to 70% of your heat through your single glazed windows. And we all know that energy costs are rising.

We come to your home and carry out the conversion, removing the windows from your frames and refitting them with double glazing within the same day.

For each window the single glazed piece of glass and a small part of the timber frame is removed. Then seals and the patented drainage system are fitted, before dropping in the double glazed unit finished off with our beading and effective rubber seals that improve the insulation around the window.  

It is this patented dry retrofit design that makes Thermawood’s window conversions, the industry leader. The end result is a better performing insulated window with little or no change in the aesthetic look of the window.



Thermawood Auckland is made up of the team.. Craig and Craig, easy to remember.

We will be with you throughout the process from the first assessment, through to choosing the most appropriate glass, installation and follow-up with support once the installation is complete.

Whether you’ve just moved to Auckland or you have lived here for years you know the weather is unpredictable and impacts our homes temperatures. Our double glazing stabilises the effect of this.

With our combined experience of more than 20 years in glass, installation, engineering and marketing, we’ve got the toolbox to make sure that your individual needs are met.

We are always free for a friendly chat if you have any questions or you can pop down to the “Request a Quote” section if you’re already thinking im ready for DOUBLE GLAZING!”




Reduced condensation


Less energy required to heat and cool


Reduce external noise


Improved insulation


Retain character






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